>> We are exporters of high quality European products with a focus on servicing both importers in North America and our producers in Europe.

Our mantra is to provide a seamless service for our clients that allows them to focus on selling their portfolio into the appropriate market. Our customers have peace of mind in knowing that all goods can be delivered directly to their warehouse and that support is always available close by. To provide this support, our office in Calgary, Canada is well positioned to service all our clients across North America. In Europe, we are centrally located in Nuremberg, Germany with a temperature controlled warehouse to consolidate all your products in a secure location. This also provides the proximity to suppliers to ensure close relationships that benefit all our partners involved.


>> Whether in Europe or North America, there is a team close by to support your needs.


Eric Peters

Director North America

Leading the operations in North America, Eric is responsible for ensuring our services are delivered effectively to our clients and for growing sales with new clients. The organization in North America is customer driven and Eric has a strong passion for customer service. He spent many years living in various locations across Germany and speaks the language. With over 10 years experience in international project management and business development, Eric brings a strong background in operational excellence to the organization. His love of German beer and wine was the reason he founded Mass Imports Ltd. and the ultimate goal is all about getting phenomenal products in the hands of people across North America.

Mario Guegel

Director Europe

As head of the European organization, Mario is responsible for the supplier and logistical side of the business. This means that he has close contact with all of the producers in Europe and manages the efficient delivery of all their carefully crafted beverages. Having these relationships means that he can ensure all steps within the supply chain run smoothly and that our services are executed to both the benefit of our customers and suppliers. He has grown up in one of the most recognized beer making regions in the world with a long history of brewing; not to mention being on the doorstep of some of the greatest wine producing regions in Germany. With over 15 years of international sales experience, Mario has founded Mass Imports GmbH to deliver excellent services to both our suppliers and customers and showcase high quality products from across Europe.