Our Story

As with so many stories in this industry, the creation of our business was out of a passion for the products,
the suppliers and the people.

In 2016 we launched with a focus of providing both logistical services from Germany and importing unique products to Canada.
With this focus, the name Mass came from the German word (Maβ) which literally means a measurement (degree, dimension, etc.). More specifically, in Bavaria and Austria “Ein Maβ” refers to a litre of beer, such as the proper beers enjoyed at Oktoberfest. However, it quickly became apparent that our capability in supporting local agents here in Western Canada with their logistical challenges was the most valuable service we could offer.
We made the decision to focus all our efforts in line with our strengths and the market demand to provide the best possible transportation services from Europe to Western Canada.

Today Mass still stands for a measurement, but not in regards to a litre of beer (well, still sometimes…), but rather it’s about how we measure ourselves and our shipments to ensure that every delivery is done with care and precision. Whether that means measuring the temperature in our reefer containers, or measuring the speed of our shipments, or measuring the quality of our customer service; we keep a close eye on all our metrics.
And through strategic partnerships with great companies, we now offer transport service from everywhere in Europe to all warehouses in BC, Alberta and Manitoba.

With this ingrained attention to detail and drive for continuous improvement, we can focus on a level of transparency not typically seen in the industry. We know how important each order is to your business. As a small, local business ourselves we highly value each and every container that’s shipped since it means so much to us, which is why we are here with you every step of the way.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime; we’d love to tell you more and hear about your business!


>> Whether in Europe or North America, there is a team close by to support your needs.

· Our teams focus on every detail of your order and will be there to support throughout the entire process

· As a local business, we understand your needs and how important each order is to your success

· Measuring the performance of our shipments allows us to provide transparency to
  our customers and continually improve based on their needs

· When you work with Mass, we view it as a partnership and not just another contract